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Babcock Power provides one source with many solutions. Through our various subsidiaries, we are a leading worldwide supplier of technology, equipment, and aftermarket services for heat exchangers, HRSGs, steam generators, and technical products for the power generation, biomass, and waste-to-energy markets. Babcock Power integrates leading technology resources, advanced energy products, and an elite corps of professionals to provide our customers with the most cost effective, environmentally responsible solutions available.


BendTec designs and fabricates high and low pressure piping systems for fossil, nuclear and combined cycle power plants We have extensive experience furnishing P-91, P-22 & P-11 piping materials. As a full-service pipe fabrication facility, BendTec provides engineering, quality assurance, welding, heat treating, and induction bending using the largest induction-bending equipment in the Western Hemisphere. BendTec specializes in piping systems for plant retrofit and life extension. We produce replacement assemblies from original documents, or field measurements.


BTA supplies replacement boiler pressure parts and other related auxiliary components for all styles of boilers, regardless of the OEM, to the electric utility, pulp and paper and waste-to-energy industries. Our products include: tube replacement, drums, headers, generating tubes, individual tubes, waterwalls, superheaters, reheaters, economizers, spiral tube weld overlay, access doors, and H-fin economizers.


ESCO is the manufacturer of the MillHog Family of Boiler Tube & Pipe Prep Equipment. For over 50 years ESCO has worked with end users on the toughest tube and pipe cutting and end prep applications. Esco Tool has an extensive fleet of rental tools. They are in-stock and ready to ship. Our large rental fleet consists of the most current models we manufacture and all are available for rental or purchase.


Infra-View® Infrared Boiler Gas Temp Thermometer for Boiler Gas Temperature Monitoring The Infra-View® sensor detects the heated CO2 gas created in a boiler or furnace as a by product of the combustion process when fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, oil, and refuse are burned. The infrared spectral response of Infra-View is preset specifically to detect the CO2 gas spectrum within the specified 250°F to 3,000°F temperature range.


Riley Power Inc. designs and manufactures steam generators and fuel firing equipment for all types of fossil fired and waste fuel fired plants. We offer a full line of natural circulation steam generator designs for utility, industrial and waste-to-energy worldwide, as well as a complete line of fuel firing equipment, various types of stokers, and a full line of pulverizers. Riley Power can assist operators of existing boilers to maintain and operate them at their optimum efficiency and availability, as well as meeting ongoing environmental regulations.


SEI’s focus is on particulate and acid gas control. Design, manufacture and construction of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) and Fabric Filters with sorbent injection systems represents SEI’s core product lines. Southern Environmental serves multiple industrial markets by providing control equipment with single source emission guarantees for it clients. As a self performing design and erect contractor. SEI's solutions are the most cost effective in the market.


Vogt Power international specializes in the design, manufacturing, and supply of Heat Recovery Steam Generators.In addition our aftermarket services group provides Inspections, retrofits, engineering studies and replacement parts for all HRSG OEM's. HRSG modifications, thermal-efficiency and performance improvements. Studies and engineering services to improve your HRSG operation.



EST Group’s best known product, the Pop-A-Plug®, is the industry’s leading technology for sealing leaking heat exchanger tubes. EST Group also engineers and manufactures pipe plugs and pressure testing tools to greatly simplify and speed-up pressure testing of piping, tubing, pipe & tube systems, pressure vessels and a multitude of special applications. EST Group Services provides a comprehensive range of onsite services for heat exchanger troubleshooting and repair as well as turnkey pressure testing services.


Ecodyne Heat Exchangers has established itself as a preferred supplier of air-cooled heat exchangers for the power generation industry earning a reputation for delivering quality products on schedule at competitive prices. We fabricate to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1, ANSI Specifications B31.1 and B31.3, API 661, AWS D1.1, and TEMA.


EvapTech, Inc. is a subsidiary of Evapco, Inc., an employee owned manufacturing company with global resources and solutions for worldwide heat transfer applications. EvapTech is a premier cooling tower designer, manufacturer, and contractor providing "Innovative Cooling Solutions" for the satisfaction of customers needs in power generation, industrial, refrigeration, and HVAC evaporative cooling markets. EvapTech offers new and replacement field erected cooling towers, parts and after market services.


SSI has been a leader in the design and manufacture of water intake equipment and systems for over 20 years. We can provide thru flow and dual flow traveling water screens, bar racks, trash rakes, 316b fish handling screens, parts, rebuilds and upgrades for your plants intake system. Dive and intake cleaning services are also available. SSI's qualtity workmenship and dedication to detail is second to none in the industry.


Main Steam Surface Condensers, Feedwater Heaters, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. Air & Gas Coolers, Process Heat Exchangers. TEI is a leading supplier of heat transfer sectionology. Offering fully-integrated design, engineering, manufacturing, reasearch, construction and service capabilities. We have been designing and fabricating surface condensers, feedwater heaters and power plant heat exchangers for over 50 years. Our TEI's Service Division Performs On-Site Retubing, Repair, and Service. TEi's Construction Services provide construction services for the installation, repair, alteration of boilers and boiler-related equipment.



Dekoron Unitherm's innovative buffered and composite bundle designs have been meeting the needs of high pressure boiler water feed and chemical injection systems on HRSG’s for over 10 years. In addition, Dekoron Unitherm's CEMS sample lines are used to transport stack gas samples for emissions monitoring. Dekoron Unitherm is part of the Marmon Group of Companies.


One of the world’s long-experienced water sectionnology companies, and is uniquely positioned to provide in-house innovative solutions to all of your water treatment equipment needs from pretreatment to point of use. Complete custom designed systems can be provided for boiler feedwater, produced water, potable water, brine, specialized process and solids recovery and the cooling of water for use, recycle or discharge.


Gaumer Process is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of electric heaters, controls and engineered systems Our products include Immersion, Flanged, Circulation, and Insertion Heaters, We manufacturer complete custom control systems for combine cycle facilities in the power generation industry.


Graver Water Systems has manufactured equipment and offered services and parts for deaerators, clarifiers, filters, ion exchange, reverse osmosis systems, condensate polishing and more for over 65 years. We design, engineer and manufacture water & wastewater treatment equipment and control systems. Graver provides the solution to your specific water quality needs with stand-alone equipment or a complete treatment system. We combine proven technology with innovative engineering solutions.


JVI's state of the art feeders and material handling equipment provide low maintenance, accurate feeding solutions for a wide range of dry bulk material processing applications. JVI's dedicated in-house engineering team incorporates years of proven design experience, stringent manufacturing procedures and extensive process knowledge to result in quality products that meet your requirements and specifications.


Porta-Safe® portable step down load centers are temporary electrical distribution centers that step down plant site power from 600/480 VAC to usable 240/208/120 VAC providing welding outlets and GFI protected 120V & 240V receptacles for your outage and turnaround power needs. Porta-Safe® will take your specifications and develop a custom designed load center to fit your requirements for temporary and portable jobsite power.


Prime Turbine Parts is dedicated to the US Utility and Industrial Markets supplying new renewal parts to ensure optimal performance and reliability at an affordable price. Gas and Steam Turbine Renewal Parts; Heavy Duty GT Capital and Non-Capital Parts; Valve Stems, Bushings, Seal Rings, Bolting Hardware.


South Tek Systems manufacturers Nitrogen Gas Generation Systems to purge and protect wetted parts (boiler tube, condenser, drum) from corrosion during layup/outages, also for DI water de-oxygenating, gas turbine fuel line purging, and various other application requiring nitrogen


VAW Systems designs and fabricates a complete line of noise control products for gas turbine applications. Our silencers and filtration systems meet the high performance demands and rigorous quality standards of modern power plant facilities. VAW Systems delivers high acoustic performance and a low pressure drop, while maintaining a relatively small foot-print as part of a complete turbine package VAW supplies Complete Noise Control Solutions for Gas Turbine Systems, Stack Silencers, Enclosures Duct Sections, and Structural Supports.


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